Pressure Measurement

Application : Power Stations, Steel, Cement, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Water Treatment Plants.

bulletGeneral Bourden's Type Pressure Gauge

bulletGlycerin Filled Pressure Gauge

Model No. : GFG - 307

Glycerine filled pressure gauge

"OSMADIAL / SCIECON" pressure gauges are ideal where pressure gauges are subjected to severe conditions. The filled liquid protects the internal parts against vibrations and also lubricates and protects from environmental conditions.

Case : Cast aluminum black IP – 55 weather proof case
Dial Size : 100mm Ø,150mm Ø and 200mm Ø
Range : 760 mm Hg to upto 400 Kg/cm2
Element : SS Bourdons tube
Connection : 3/8”, ½” BSP / NPT (M) bottom / back connection made from Brass or SS rod
Mounting : Direct, Surface & Panel mounting

bulletSealed Diaphragm Type Pressure Gauge

Model No. : SUG - 308

Sealed Diaphragm type pressure gauge

"OSMADIAL / SCIECON" pressure gauge is recommended where the fluid is highly corrosive, contaminated, viscose or liable to crystallize inside the system. Diaphragm seals are the separations stage between medium and gauge .The gauge above the diaphragm seal is filled with Silicon Oil, which transmit the pressure acting on diaphragm to the bourdon tube. The gauge and diaphragm seal can be separated with capillary tube up to 5Mtr in length.

Case : Cast aluminium , stove enamel black finished case Direct mounting
Dial Size : 100mm Ø,150mm Ø
Range : 0 to upto 100kg /cm2
Diaphragm : Spring Steel diaphragm, covered on Teflon Foil at lower portion
Bottom Chamber : Cast iron bottom chamber
Connection : ½” BSP / NPT (M) bottom connection
Elements : Stainless Steel bourdons tube

bulletCapsule Pressure Gauge

bulletDifferential Pressure Gauge

Model No. : DFG - 309

Differential pressure gauge

"OSMADIAL / SCIECON" Differential pressure gauge consists of diaphragm made of SS 316\Spring Sheet, clamped with gasket in between two chambers namely highly pressure and low Pressure chambers Pressure acts on both surfaces of diaphragm through inlet port of high chamber and low chambers respectively. As the both high and low pressure acts on opposite Side of diaphragm, cause a relative movement in diaphragm depending on pressure differences of two sides of the diaphragm and this relative movement in diaphragm varies against Respective pressure differences and the movement of the diaphragm is transferred to the pointer Mechanism through torque tube mechanism, lever , linkage and gearing assembly.


For monitoring filter efficiency, measuring differential pressure, flow along with plate, venturi etc.

Dial Size : 150mmØ
Range : o to up to 600mm WC
Process Connection : ¼” NPT (F) standard, or as required
Mounting : Direct bottom screw connection or as required

bulletCircular Chart Type Pressure Recorder

Pressure Recorders
Case : Pressed steel black case.
Chart dia : 250mmØ
Chart drive : Electrical chart drive 230V AC 50 Cycles. Mechanical chart drive 24 hrs or 7 days.
Element : S.S 316 bourdon tube
Range : 0 to upto 100kg /cm2 or required.
Connection : 3/8” ½” BSP /NPT (M0 bottom /back connection
No.of Pen : Single / Double pen
Mounting : Surface / Panel mounting
Movement : Brass /S.S movement

bulletDigital Pressure Gauges